No foothold for the fascists! Take to the streets against the „identitarian march“ on July 20, 2024

On July 20, 2024, the fascist Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ) plans to hold a demonstration in Vienna. Following on from their „remigration demo“ in 2023, where a tiny bunch of fascists from half of Europe were ultimately chased out of the city centre by courageous anti-fascists, the „scar faces“ want to give it another go. We will not let them take the streets of our city! Take to the streets against the „identitarian march“ on 20 July 2024.

Since 2012, the IBÖ has been trying to present itself as a resistance youth movement and push the boundaries of what can be said rightwards through its media appearances and radical slogans. However, it is not fighting against the prevailing system, but for and with it. Racist ideologies do not emerge out of nowhere but are closely interwoven with the capitalist economic system. While capitalism creates economic and social inequalities between people, racism serves to conceal and justify them. Capital profits from the division of society. For all their claims of tolerance and diversity, the ruling parties cannot hide the fact that their policies serve to preserve the wealth of the few and only further fuel racism. After all, they are also responsible for racist police violence, deportations and the fortification of the EU’s external borders.

Consistent anti-fascist practice is necessary in order to push back and smash reactionary groups such as the IBÖ. At the same time, anti-fascism can only be successful if it includes the fight against capitalism.

We will therefore take to the streets together on July 20 to once again show the fascist mob the true face of our city and take our demand for a fairer world to the streets! Come one and all! Bring your neighbours, colleagues and friends with you! No pasarán!

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